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Stigma Trading Cards
6 min readJun 15, 2021


Stigma is a collectible card universe. What if the Roman Empire happened in a dieselpunk future?

We unite the quality of an art collection with the fun and narrative of trading cards. With this original mixed approach, we’ll deliver a story that shall not go untold!

This project was born from our commitment to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem. We want to bring a carefully crafted form of investment, showcasing the capabilities of this technology. Our vision is to reach beyond the current boundaries of the Cardano NFT space, introducing new people to cryptocurrencies and Cardano’s mission.

The Stigma NFT project

Our idea of collectibles focuses on the artwork and lore. Each card has value in its own and they come together as linked story pieces. Gathering all the available cards isn’t the only way to approach our collection: for example your objective might be to gather your favorite characters and their equipment, or all the cards of a specific type.

Stigma’s universe started as a personal project inspired by the movie The Gladiator. After months of hard work it evolved into an original, articulate universe, with the potential to keep growing in future decks and expansions. We can not wait to share all the story content with you on our new website!

In a Dieselpunk Roman Empire…

What if the Roman Empire didn’t fall? What if technology kept advancing in this alternate future, bringing humanity to a critical point of fracture with nature? These questions are the root of the universe imagined by Stigma.

At first, the Roman Empire was a colossal power with advanced technology. Its strength resided in a synthetic material called “Niten.” Then a mysterious man-caused accident, the “Aberration”, turned earth into a poisonous land. Mutations started to emerge in nature. Creatures and plants started changing, mixing, and increasing in size. Humans can now survive only above the contaminated territories, or with filtering and shielding gear. The declining Roman Empire fights Nature and the rebel populations at the borders of its territories, looking for ancient energy molecules known as “relics.” These relics are necessary to sustain the Empire since the knowledge to synthesize Niten was lost in the Aberration.


The first deck tells the story of Maximus, a righteous man victim of an unjust sentence. His identity was shattered in dishonor (hence the name of our project: Stigma) until he found a new life as a Gladiator…

Deck 1 has a max supply of 5000 cards/NFTs. The number of cards (unique story elements) is 33 cards. In addition to this, there are also 4 “out of the series” specials: the “Gladius Exordii” card specially created for our launch, and three redeemable items. Many cards have variants corresponding to different tiers of rarity, for a total of 57 designs (see deck chart below).

Now that you have seen the deck chart, we believe it is important for us to share the rarity of each card. These are the total quantities, ever going to be minted, for each card in deck one. Keep in mind, we already had two previous sales. The below chart will also show the amount that is left for each card. In example: (amount left/total supply).

How the Remaining Deck 1 Sale Will Work

We will periodically reveal new cards in the course of the next month, and they will be made available for sale altogether in August.

The main sale will involve common and rare cards, with three purchase options:

  • 1 Card Packs
  • 5 Card Packs
  • 10 Card Packs

It will also be possible to find “Jolly” cards within these packs. These Jolly cards can be used as a ticket to join our future raffles (keep reading). The chances you have to pull a rare card will be the same in all purchase options, but Jolly cards will not be found in the 1 card packs.

As a special promotion for this deck (and for a limited time) we will set our prices in USD, based on the value of ADA at the time of our first sale (April 10). The sale will be open at intervals, for definite windows of time, and the conversion to pricing in ADA will be calculated before opening the time window for each sale.

Some cards will also be set aside for private sales, and sold as “collector’s editions” organized by categories. We’re open to giving private buyers an early chance to engage with our project.

What about the legendary and epic cards?

The epic and legendary cards will be sold in a second phase. This phase will be composed of raffles and auctions. Some auctions and raffles will have 100% of the proceeds donated to charity.

What about the special cards?

Special cards can’t be bought, but only redeemed with specific combinations of cards (we will release more information on this soon).

Current Developments

When we first launched the project we received an unexpected amount of support. We took your investment seriously and this prompted us to raise the quality bar even higher. We paused our sales in order to improve our project and assure its success in the long run. We chose to slow down to enrich the quantity and quality of the images which will be part of the collection. We are also working on a “meta-game”, a game that will revolve on metadata and combinations of cards, making each token more unique.

In the last couple of weeks we have been lacking on the communication side. But now we’re moving beyond this rough start. Not only has the team at Stigma expanded: we’ve also brought on prominent investors and advisors within the Cardano and cryptocurrency community.

We are currently rebuilding our website from the ground up, which will include many new features. The website will showcase an interactive deck chart, the story behind each card, worldbuilding notes, sketches, information about the team, and more.

Finally, we are blessed to be collaborating with people who help us integrate exclusive new features to make our legendary and epic cards truly special. We can not disclose everything just yet, but here is a small sneak peek…


An official roadmap will be released in July. We will share it on our Medium, Discord, and Twitter. Of course, once the new website is complete, it will also be showcased there as well.

Here are some events that will be included in our roadmap:

  • Website Launch
  • Deck 1 Sale
  • Epic and Legendary Auctions/Raffles
  • Special Cards Trade Ins
  • Stigma NFT Charity Event

Future Developments

Deck 2 will be either a sequel or a different story set in the same world. Each deck is a “stand alone” album collection, but everything is part of the same shared universe.

As Cardano’s technology progresses we’ll be able to implement more complex card interactions and maybe push the “game” aspect further, although we’re not aiming to have “card duel” type of mechanics.

Our vision for the future of the project includes developing an album application, where people can showcase and share their collections. Depending on the level of your collection and the cards you have, you’ll be able to unlock exclusive or secret story content and get rewarded with more cards as you improve your rank.

Stigma appreciates your support!

Thank you for reading. Each day we work around the clock to deliver a project and a community that everyone can love. Join us on this adventure!

-The Stigma Team



Stigma Trading Cards

Take a step into the diesel-punk world of Stigma.